Functional CSS, but only the good parts.

Fractures is the atomic CSS toolkit that helps you create resilient design systems and rapid prototypes by providing a set of non-blocking utility classes.

npm i @fractures/css @ 2.0.0-beta.7


Looking for v1?


Framework agnostic
Fast in every way
Small cognitive load
Tiny footprint


<article className="article-block__item flex p-4">  <span/></article>

Encourages composition

No more class flooding. Do better than flex flex-wrap items-baseline pl-52 -mt-6 -mr-6 -ml-52 py-6 pr-6 bg-black text-white.

<header className="flex md:flex-column">  <a className="blue-700 hover:blue-900"/>  <span/></header>

Easy but powerful

An opinionated breakpoint and customizable color system built in. No javascript.

<div className="flex bg-gray-900">  <span className="    teal-700 hover:teal-100    dark:teal-900  "/></div>


Fractures was created at the CSS level, and it's incomplete by design. Configure CSS variables at :root and follow the outlined patterns with your own code.


Fractures is a relaxed, long term take on design systems and prototyping, trying to abstract away some complexities interface design has to offer. You can build around it or on top of it, but would not replace the work you have to do.

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